I Found a Job!

Hi, My name is Chen and I just wanted to add my words of appreciation to the Trainthem people.

I first found out about Trainthem on Seek in February, 2010. They were advertising for people wanting to be trained in Retail Sales for Electrical, Furniture, and Motor Vehicles and wanting to be placed in a position with one of their listed clients.

I had been looking for work for over nine months, since I had returned to Australia from Malaysia my home country, where I worked for 9 years in Electronics retail. It was very hard for me to get back into a job here as things had changed so much in my time overseas.

I answered the ad and got a call from Janneil, we talked for a long time and she explained why it may have been that I wasn’t getting a job and how it could be improved. She was a very nice lady and I decided to do the 3 day course which was a little more expensive than I could afford but I needed to get training to get the work.

Joe Teagh, was the trainer and I found him so helpful and I realized I was doing just about everything wrong, but he showed us all how to fix the problem, so we walk better, talk better and listen to our customers. He even had us do secret shopping and write about our experiences it was excellent.

After the course I attended a couple of interviews with the companies they recommended. I soon found a good job with a electrical company and thanks to Joe’s training I am still with them. I’m so happy just wanted to say thanks.

Chen – Prestige Appliances