The key things I learnt were…

Hello Joe,

The key things I learnt from the three day course were; Presentation, people buy us before they buy anything from us. I am guilty of attending interviews poorly presented and I wondered why I didn’t get the job. Good hygiene and being well groomed can’t be over stated.

– You need determination to achieve the things you want. Speak with passion, use hand gestures and hold your head up. Have awareness of the customer and listen to what they say. Repeat it clearly to make sure you have it correct.

– Emotional selling is not selling on price. If we sell on price we will negotiate down. If we focus on the item we are selling and get the customer interested in owning the item and mentally visualizing the product at home or in the driveway the customer will have the desire to own the item and we can negotiate up, and achieve the sale at a higher price, by creating the desire to own it.

– The power of words is a big deal when it comes to communicating with the customer. Asking the open or leading questions will achieve a better and quicker sale. I also learnt how to communicate with a customer in a way that would help them to make a decision and build a relationship with the customer.

– I learnt the value of the control question that requires a pre-determined answer from the customer.

These are the things I wrote just after I did the Trainthem Retail Training Course in 2010. I was placed with my current employer within a few weeks of completing the training. I have held several positions with this respected retailer and I now hold a management position with this company. Prior to my training with Trainthem I was working in part time positions in hospitality with little hope for a career.

Thanks Joe for all you taught me I have used your words of wisdom well, and am earning much more and enjoying my role much more than I could ever have anticipated back in November 2010.

Nicole – SuperAmart